When it comes to the business of web design, the efficiency of your process will determine your success. Bootstrap is a framework that can greatly improve your efficiency. It offers plenty of pre-built components including buttons, navigation and form elements.

Combine Bootstrap with a great looking HTML template from Blockety and you’re well on your way to increasing profits and improving efficiency.

If you’re already using it but struggling to get the most from it then below are a few tips to help.

1.Optimise Line Length

There is nothing worse than a website which is crammed full of text. It doesn’t look professional and it’s one way to put people off from navigating through it. Therefore, a good idea is to limit the length of a line of text, the measure, to around 50-75 characters. This will make it a lot more readable. Putting this into Bootstrap context, you should use six columns of text at most, with a pixel font size of 14.

2. Use Whitespace

Another great way to improve the readability of a website is to add whitespace to sections and paragraphs. Bootstrap doesn’t provide satisfactory margins or padding as it has no way of knowing how your content and pieces of your site are all going to fit together. Knowing the best way to use whitespace will offer a much better user experience.

3. Less is More

Your content is one of the most important aspects of your website. It has to stand out, so when it comes to designing the interface, less is more. Try to keep everything consistent in your design and only add things which are necessary and going to benefit the site in the long run. Don’t just add something for the sake of it. By following this method it will bring the most important content to the front while minimising distractions for the user.

4. Utilise Images

Images don’t get utilised enough on a website and they can say a lot more about a business or topic than text can. When using images make sure they stand out and are the centre of attention. Use high-resolution and good quality images, nothing which is blurry or out of focus. Web design is about being visual and it will certainly raise the engagement rate of your website.

5. Use Themes

When it comes to deciding on how your website will look, using a theme as a template gives you a great starting point.

Although Bootstrap can offer a distinct style for little effort, for the small website design business it may not be enough.

At Blockety we have developed a collection of great looking HTML templates, so why not check out some of our great templates here.

With our modular front-end framework it means you’re able to modify a HTML template to suit you. This reduces tiresome development and allows you to focus on what matters most to your business, getting more work.

About the author

Jack O’Donoghue is a web designer and the creator of Blockety HTML website templates. He’s designed styleguides and websites for well known brands including HSBC, Vodafone, Samsung, IBM and Aviva.

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