If you want to get closer to your clients then being able to write good quality content is vital.

Many people searching for products or services will do their research online and content is a great way to influence the decision making process.

Below are seven tips for writing good content.

1. Create relatable up-to-date content

When users come through to your site they want to read up-to-date content which is relevant to what they have searched for. There is nothing worse that coming to a site which has outdated or irrelevant content. If you have a blog on your site then a couple of posts a week is more than enough to keep the flow of content updated.

2. Be concise and use descriptive headings

Most people will skim read over a blog post or article pulling out the points that are of interest to them. In order to keep your readers engaged make sure the content you write is clear and concise. Pick a theme and stick to it all the way through. If the writing starts to wander then the reader will become disinterested.

3. Know what you are trying to say

Visitors can become annoyed if they have to sift through pages of useless information in order to find what they’re looking for. Breaking down your article into sections is a good way to project your main points. By using subheadings users can easily find what they’re looking for without having to read the entire article. Adding in links to other areas of your site is a great way to make your website user friendly.

4. Always double check your grammar

This is one of the most important areas when it comes to writing content. An article littered with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes looks totally unprofessional. Once you’ve written the piece go back through and re-read it. This is the best way to edit any errors and to make changes that you may have missed the first time. Get into the habit of triple checking your work, the more thorough the better.

5. Use the pyramid method

This method tends to work extremely well and puts your conclusions at the beginning and then works back. Once completed you should have your most important information at the start. That opening paragraph is where you want to hook the reader in so it needs to be compelling and informative.

6. Research and understand your audience

Content has become the new marketing strategy for converting visitors into sales, which is the main goal for most businesses. Find a tone of voice that works and avoid using standard marketing jargon and anything else that pulls the reader off topic. Adding in relevant keywords and links will also help you reach your target audience. Before writing it helps to do a little research about who you’re writing for.

7. Write in digestible chunks with headings

As previously mentioned, no one wants to read large chunks of text. Include images into the article and use short, sharp sentences to get your points across. Breaking the article up using paragraphs and subheadings is another great way to make the article readable. Choose a font that is easy on the eye and not too small.

About the author

Lauren is a seasoned marketer, copywriter and yoga instructor with over 5 years industry experience. She loves surfing and adventures. Lauren has recently joined the Blockety team and will be covering our copywriting and marketing posts.

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