Lesson 10: Look After Your Clients


After all the hard work, the website is live and hopefully the client is happy.

However, this isn’t the end of the relationship. Far from it.

You now need to be able to assist the client and make sure they’re happy in the long run.

Below are five tips for looking after your client once the website is live.

1. Monitor the Website

Once the website is live it will need to be closely monitored. The client will no doubt have plenty of questions about its new functionality and you have to be mindful that there may be one or two teething problems. This is common in web design so those, and the client must be handled in the right way. Time is of the essence, so be on hand to support them no matter what the request.

2. Follow Up Regularly

It’s always a good idea to organise a follow up meeting with the client. If you can travel to see them you’ll be able to get a feel of their working environment and meet the people that you may not have met during the development of the project. This is a great way to put names to faces and build long-term relationships.

3. Exceed Expectations

We’ve all heard the expression about going the extra mile for a client, but it’s true. They are the ones holding the purse strings so it’s a good idea to keep them onside. If you can be proactive and offer suggestions to them without their need for getting in contact with you first, it shows you understand them and their business. Taking a personal interest goes along way as well, even dropping an email to say happy birthday will get remembered.

4. Upsell

If you’re smart then the website you built will be designed with regular maintenance and updated functionality in mind. This could open the door to upsell support or development packages to the client. If they’ve already had a good experience with you it should be easier to convince them of the need for these additional packages. All of which are relevant to the development of the website and their business.

5. Keep Your Promises

If you promise to do something make sure you do it. Clients like people who are open and honest with them, being dishonest is not going to win you any future business. If you’re unable to handle their request explain why and look to negotiate a new deadline, which is convenient for both parties.