Lesson 5: How to Find Clients


Finding clients is scary. It will take you out of your comfort zone and help you grow – both as a person and a professional.

If you don’t commit to finding clients, you will not succeed in starting a web design business.

If you are serious, you will do everything within your power to succeed. This lesson lists proven methods of finding web design customers.

Don’t cherry pick the parts that you’re comfortable with. If you’re committed to success. Prove it to yourself and do everything.

I have split this list into two sections. ‘How to find clients fast’ and ‘Playing the long game’, both parts are essential for long term success in the web design business.

When you reach out to find new clients, always reflect and consider what went good and what went bad.

Each time you try something new, use the insights that you gained from your previous efforts.

How to Find Clients Fast

This section contains things that you can do now. If you’re successful you will have web design clients instantly but it is essential that you complete the second part.


Cold calling is when you call up a business and try to arrange a meeting with the decision maker. You can get a businesses contact details from local business directories. Write yourself a loose script and start calling.


Cold canvasing is when you walk into a store or business and approach the decision maker in person. This is an excellent way to quickly build relationships and learn what your customer really wants.

Email Prospecting

Build up a list of email addresses using local business directories. Write several separate email proposals. Split your list into groups and send each one a different email. Continue sending out the email that was most successful. 

LinkedIn Prospecting

Use LinkedIn to search for potential customers. Do your research on them and think about how you could help their business through web design. Message them a brief proposal and try to set up a meeting.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Some search engines list adverts alongside search listings, when somebody clicks the ad, the advertiser gets charged. This is PPC. Its an effective way to get traffic fast. Start with a small budget until you get more comfortable.

Social Network Advertising

Most social networks allow you to run adverts or promote posts. This is a good way to find customers and gauge sentiment towards your web design business. Set a budget and run ads on the networks that your customers are likely to use.

Playing the Long Game

This section contains things that will earn you business in the long-run. These things take time but will ultimately be the backbone of your business.

Word of Mouth

Tell everyone you know that you are starting a web design business and that you need to find clients. Go the extra mile for all of your customers because their recommendations will be the most credible referrals.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the practice of affecting a websites visibility in the results of a search engine. A website that has been search optimised will appear higher up in the search engines and result in more traffic for your website.

Build a Network

Networking is a skill that can make or break your business. Go to as many events as you can find. Talk to people, give them your cards and tell them what the goals of your web design business are.

Lesson Summary

Do all of the above and you will find clients for your web design business. You have to commit and leave your comfort zone. Go the extra mile. Be polite to everyone you meet. Always leave a card and follow up with a thank you email.