Lesson 7: Managing Client Requests


Clients can be demanding and more often than not will have high expectations. This is only natural as they want to make sure they’re getting good quality work for the money.

Managing client requests can be a balancing act and they need to be handled in the right way.

So, below are five tips for handling client requests.

1. Always Be Honest

You’ve got to be honest right from the start. There’s no point in accepting a big web design project only to realise halfway through that you’re unable to complete it on time or that you need additional requirements or budget. The client doesn’t want to listen to excuses only solutions. If something isn’t going to work or it needs longer to implement then let the client know ahead of time.

2. Consider Their Needs

It’s not a case of second guessing the client, but you should try to anticipate their expectations and what they deem as acceptable. You’re not expected to read their minds but some forward thinking and planning will show the client that you understand their project requirements. Another way is to put forward any recommendations. This might be anything which could improve or enhance the project.

3. Communicate Often

Communication is vital for managing client requests. Keeping them in the loop every step of the way will ensure the project runs smoothly and that there are no problems. When a client is briefed regularly they will have a better understanding about the project as well as the timelines. It will also give them the opportunity to offer input and feedback on what is working well and what isn’t.

4. Never Make Assumptions

This is one of the most dangerous aspects of managing client requests. Making assumptions could land you in hot water or see you having to redo work. Communicating to the client is one thing but in order to really understand their requests you’ll have to dig deeper by asking them questions to make sure you understand everything.

5. Say No When You Need To

This can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to impress the client. From time to time clients will make unreasonable requests or changes to the project that doesn’t meet the requirements or timelines. In this case, you need to be diplomatic and explain to them why it won’t work. Just saying ‘no’ isn’t going to offer them any reassurances.

Each client will be different and it’s important you know how to handle them in the right way. You’re providing them with a service so they should be able to put their trust in your expertise. If you’ve planned the web design project correctly, educating the client about processes and timelines then you shouldn’t have any problems in delivering a high quality and professional product.