Lesson 9: Go Live – Get Paid


After all the hard work the time has come to deliver and set live your client’s new website.

But when should it be set live and when should you invoice for the completed work?

Below are few steps to consider for going live and getting paid.

1. Check You’ve Met the Brief

The most important aspect of setting a new website live is that you have been able to fulfill the client’s brief. Again, this is something that is outlined during the early stages of meeting with the client. If you’re unsure of anything then check it again, and again just for good measure. Your reputation and the reputation of the client is on the line if anything goes wrong once it’s live.

2. Test, Test, Test

Ideally you want to go through a strict testing process on the staging server. The simple way is to create a testing document of everything that needs to be checked. This will include all links and contact forms, etc. You also need to make sure that image resolution is correct and that all content has been grammatically checked. Also pay attention to site speed and loading times.

3. Get Your Clients Approval

Once the testing phase has been completed you can give the client access to the staging environment for them to make their own checks. Make sure they are happy with the final design as well user experience. If they have an online webstore then a few test purchases will need to be made. The last thing you want to happen is for it to be set live only to be rolled back because there are errors or imperfections.

4. Take Payment

Quite simply, if the client is happy and has signed off on all the work you can then invoice for the job. It’s a good idea to get the client to pay the invoice first before setting the website live. If you set it live prior to receiving payment then you may find yourself chasing the client later down the line for an outstanding invoice. It’s also a great idea to ask them for a testimonial of your work which you can post on your own website or portfolio.

5. Charge for Extra Changes

Any changes the client wants to make need to be completed before the website goes live and payment has been sent. Once the client has paid and the site is live any changes they want made will have to be billed for. This can be icy ground if it has not been discussed before hand. Make sure the client is aware of this so there is no discrepancies later on.